our curriculum

Our programs are designed to further the social, emotional, and developmental potential of each child within the center. Our goal is to support children in building their confidence in learning through a healthy and highly integrated curriculum. Our curriculum focuses around themes that expose children to ongoing experiences in language arts, literacy, math, science, creative arts, music, and dramatic play. Along with our academic focuses, we also create a loving and safe environment where children get sufficient social interaction, and positive nurturing attention which complements their development.

infant curriculum

In the early stages of the program, the bond between caregiver and baby will immediately open the pathways of trust and opportunity. Infants will be given the choice to control their environment as teachers capture these moments to foster their growth and development. Our qualified staff will work closely with families to ensure that the most important milestones are being met.


Our beautiful nursery provides a warm and nurturing atmosphere. Babies have a wide range of equipment and materials made accessible to them, our little ones rotate through different areas to allow for those ever so important “ah ha” moments.


Polaris staff will closely document each infant’s day so that parents and families are kept well informed to their baby’s health and daily activities.


Our loving, healthy, and stimulating infant program will open the doors to a quality enriched early education.

toddler curriculum

When entering our toddler program the road to discovery will open passageways that reveal themselves as learning opportunities around each corner. Through a carefully designed schedule of teacher initiated and child driven choices, a wealth of experiences will be delivered each day.


Toddlers begin to learn life long social skills as they are introduced to new and exciting activities. Curriculum and routines expose our busy explorers to arts and crafts, early math and science, language and literacy development, dramatic play, music and movement, as well as healthy habits.


Teachers work with toddlers to meet achievements while introducing them to preschool pastimes. Families will be well informed to all of the daily happenings with their little ones. Routines and meals will be well documented as well as curriculum focuses.

preschool curriculum

Preschool at Polaris focuses on the readiness each child will need to be successful in elementary school. Each month our children are introduced to new themes that invite them into an ongoing journey of learning and excitement. Students will be exposed to a highly intergrated curriculum in literacy, language development, science, math, social studies, art, music, and drama. Our school as been carefully constructed to provide learning areas that provide an array of opportunity that will foster and strengthen children’s confidence in learning.


Polaris curriculum and class scheduling is prepared so that children will have the opportunity to work independently as well as with our staff specialists. Our goal for our children is to open a whole new mind of learning and self expression as we prepare them for the future.


Teachers and staff keep families informed about progress and development that takes place within the center. Families are given daily information reports as well as the opportunity to participate in parent teacher conferences throughout the year.

school age curriculum

Polaris offers before and after school care as well as care during school breaks. We believe that learning should not stop at the end of the school day. Polaris Learning as been offering after school programs since the early 1990’s. At Polaris Learning Center our students are exposed to a variety of enriched activities that will allow them to continue to learn and discover. Our staff is not only here to inspire young minds but to also assist with homework and other long standing activities.


Each summer, we run a fun filled and adventurous summer camp for our school age children. We fill their days with field trips, special guests, creative arts and STEM activities. This is a great way to get your child away from the screen and sneak in some academics while they’re having fun.